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Photographing Dogs on the Beach

I used to be fairly opposed to photographing dogs on the beach in San Francisco. It’s too bright, there is too much sand, dogs can be distracted, etc. I’ve probably done one beach dog photography session per year for the past few years just for those reasons. But as I’ve had more requests for beach […]

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Three Tiny Dogs in Los Angeles

I photographed Mia, Luigia and Paolo recently in Los Angeles. Their dads used to be in the fashion industry, and now make amazing beauty products. On top of that, they spend much of their time raising money for no-kill animal shelters and organizations- a cause that’s very dear to my heart. I knew our Los […]

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photo polaroid from Tiger Hunter movie

Polaroids from Tiger Hunter the movie

I recently was hired as a ‘Polaroid Consultant’ on the set of a new Hollywood movie called ‘Tiger Hunter,’ starring a few very familiar faces- Dani Pudi from the hit comedy ‘Community,’ Jon Heder who played Napoleon Dynamite, and a bunch of other people that I recognized but don’t really know who they are. I […]

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Finding Shelter Volunteers Speak Out

Finding Shelter, my of animal shelter volunteer photos, has been getting a lot of attention recently. And that’s great. Mostly because it has been inciting volunteers and animal shelters and rescue groups from literally around the world to reach out and introduce themselves to me. Us dog people are pretty nice. I’m so flattered to continue […]

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Instant Doggie Photobooth at Maxwell Dog in LA

Last weekend’s Instant Doggie Photobooth at Maxwell Dog in Los Angeles was a whole lot of fun. I’ve been adding to my vintage area rug collection, and decided to use this new pastel/southwestern number. The warmth of the instant Fuji peel-apart film, soft light, and handsome dogs really blended well with the tones and texture […]

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Finding Shelter Gets Some Press

My Finding Shelter series has been picking up some great press recently, which is both exciting and affirming. When you set out to create a piece of work truly for yourself, without any kind of advertising/business agenda and people take notice and feel inspired by it, that is a wonderful feeling. Finding Shelter is an […]

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dog photographer los angeles

Terriers in Hollywood- LA Pet Photography

I photographed Paddy and Abigail recently in Los Angeles. These two handsome and playful Terrier mixes were incredibly charming with their scruffy fur and smiling faces and racing around the back yard at full speed and crashing into each other. When they weren’t zooming around, Paddy and Abigail were sweet and gentle, and we had […]

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animal shelter portraits

Finding Shelter photography series launches!

I’m so happy to be finally launching Finding Shelter – the photography series I’ve been working on for the past few months. As I’ve been seeing so many of these wonderful new dog photography series featuring shelter animals, or senior animals, or service animals, or dying animals, or rescue animals- I can’t help but wonder […]

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