“Jesse Freidin is Rembrandt with a camera and a milkbone. In this age of instant digital gratification, his work stands alone to remind us of the time when pet portraits demanded a love for the subject and a dedication to doing it the right way with the right equipment. In the hands of this inspired photographer, that time is here again.”
Mary E. Thurston, author of ‘The Lost History of the Canine Race’

“Jesse’s artistic instinct is both inspired and inspiring… We are, without hesitation, a stronger institution for being able to illustrate our vision through his.”
Amy A. Breyer, Executive Director- Animal History Museum

“Jesse Freidin… is one of the few photographers continuing the analog tradition in today’s digital world. His attention to detail from composing to photographing to printing to framing is exceptional. His portraits are truly works of art.”
Moira McLaughlin, Dog Art Today

“Jesse has a way of communicating with dogs that clearly makes them comfortable to show their true personalities–their souls. One hopes for, and gets, a portrait that brings insight into the creature you love, but the added surprise is the total composition of the photograph that brings it into the realm of fine art.”
Constance Barich, San Francisco

“Having the opportunity to work with an accomplished artist like Jesse was mind-blowing! He articulates that special bond between dog and human like no one else can.”
Alex Samets, New York

“Working with Jesse was not only a privilege and a fun afternoon, but now I have this incredible photo that captures a fantastic moment in time with my little guy, Jet.”
Keylee Sanders, San Francisco 

“What I love is how you were able to capture our personalities in the photograph, not only mine but Garbo and Gilbert as well. We were all made to feel so comfortable in the session.That I believe is what allowed our personalities to show through.”
John Capizzi,  San Francisco

“Jesse Freidin’s work exemplifies both aesthetic rigor and artistic openheartedness, characterized by visual tones and emotional notes so precise that each piece rings as clearly as a bell. His desire to investigate the bond between humans and their animal companions is born out of a respect and appreciation so genuine that it inspires a profound and lasting connection between himself and his subjects, evident throughout the images he creates. As a photographer, Jesse’s unswerving dedication to an ethics of analog materials allows him to produce prints with depth and texture unparalleled in a market flooded with digital excess. His work is truly a gift.”
S. O’Brien, Los Angeles

“Luckily, we found one talented photographer who is bucking the ‘faster, cheaper’ trend and doing things the good old-fashion way… It’s this level of care and attention to detail that sets [Jesse’s] work apart.”
In Circle Pets

“Nobody amalgamates classic photography and puppy love like Jesse Freidin.”
Pink Magazine

“In a world going increasingly digital, Jesse Freidin dares to buck the trend.”
Modern Dog Magazine

“This is the best thing I have ever come across on the Internet.”
Trendhunter Magazine

“Who is Jesse Freidin, well he’s a photographer and oh, you know, just a VISIONARY.”
MTV Buzzworthy